Dell Monitor SE2416H keeps resetting


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May 29, 2017
Good day.

Monitor out of warranty seems to be overheating and resetting on / off after duration of time.
Tried on different pc's and changed cables, thoroughly tested and definitely the monitor packing up.

Should I just put it on the rubbish dump or is their places that can repair PC monitors?



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Nov 1, 2010
Rubbish dump is the worse option, better donate to sajunky.

Seriously, find a friend with electronic background to open a monitor and look at caps.
There were Early Bird Services for years, but I don't know their current reputation.


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May 4, 2012
This something anyone can replace or even worth while doing, and where would you recommend I go to replace it?
Yes but you need special low esr caps. Even some of the low esr ones you get aren't low enough and will eventually pop again. Look at the power circuit and you will see 4 caps close to each other usually in a diamond shape. You need to replace any that are bulging or ruptured or have the rubber at base popping out. The hardest part is the soldering and desoldering if you don't have a pump. You only have about a second or two to do it or the heat can dry out the new caps.

The big retailers like RS Components should have good ones. I bought from Rabtron but they're still making a hissing sound. If you know it's the caps get extra ones in case you bugger them up or they give in again, but I'd suggest you get someone who can do proper soldering to do it.