Democratic Socialism debate.


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Jun 18, 2005
Out of a Democrat Socialist's mouth:

You’re open about being a democratic socialist. What does socialism mean to you?
I want to expand democracy. Where there is not democracy in our communities or our neighborhoods, I want there to be community councils and tenants councils. Where there are not unions, I want there to be unions in the workplace. Essentially, where there are not existing democratic structures, I want to make more of them. I also want to intensify existing democracy. If there is already a union, I want to make it a stronger union. There’s already some semblance of democracy at the ballot box, but I want to increase people’s level of access and choice. Democratic socialism means strengthening political democracy and expanding democracy into our economy. It means giving people control over more and more aspects of our social life in a democratic way.

Expanding the economy to run on democratic principles and creating more unions where they do not exist. Would pay to see this in action.