Despite challenges, SA much better than it was 29 years ago: Mashatile

Problem is, people are relying way too much on news, which is basically propaganda machines for the government at the time. People are also relying on social media where the government plants its trolls to distribute propaganda. Best is to personally speak to the people on the ground and let them tell you what they think is better. This is where you will find your answers.
It can be dangerous though. Sample sizes are very small.

It's much better to look at academic or economic statistical sources to get the full story.

But where speaking to people is of value is to learn how they define better. That gives you the perspective with which to read the data.
It's enough to show your support of the anc is a k@k decision

So let me get this straight... What you stated: it's enough to show my support of the ANC.... I never said anything, I only highlighted what you said, and asked 2 questions... So by extension and logic you are now saying that, what YOU said shows YOUR support of the ANC.

Do you understand what im saying, does it make sense to you?

"The apartheid government had the world top5 army in the world, if you ask questions about that it means you a ANC supporter"....Lol... Godwins law applicable and shortened

Some may agree with you, but after coming to their senses, factually even they can see what you wrote is mostly garbage, most rational people simply notice it outright.

You are too short-fused man, nobody is touching you on your studio. You just do not want to be challenged on your views, I wasnt even disagreeing with you and already you hurling foul language and insults, so such anger lol.... The one issue with anger is that at a certain point it will end with either shame or regret, if not you have not learned anything from anger. The far extremes of ideologies always find it easy to label and shame instead of understanding and debate. Its "your truth" facts dont matter, anyone not in agreement is the enemy.

You POV is that the apartheid government was the best government in the world, no government in the world has ever had so many "the best in........ "awards in so many categories its statistically improbable, or irrational, highly emotive than rational.

If you question the ANC government of anything (not disagreeing, just questioning) they might label you a apartheid agent" or whatever, how many times have we seen that?

I say you have far more in common with the ANC than you think, and the Nats as well actually.
Cool, at least you nailed your colours to the mast. You believe that black people can't run a country, so it is thus OK to restrict what black people can do.
Absolutely. Just like kids shouldn't drive cars or own firearms. They could hurt themselves and others.
I am all for equality. What he is describing is equity, or equality of outcomes when social justice is applied.

That is why I think the only practical way to address systemic poverty is through a negative income tax. Everyone gets an equal share, and there is almost no way for it . You don't need social grants + housing grant + child grant + pensioner grant. complications that are just open for corruption.

All studies on this show that is reduces poverty and stimulates economic activity. Instead we get massive departments that run inefficient programs that primarily exist for the benefit of those that operate them.

You can probably run a national negative income tax scheme with less than 50 additional people at SARS. They already have most of the systems and processes for it. They just need to add 10-20mil people to the Taxpayer database.

The equality (in reality) image is close, but I feel like it’s missing something. It needs a politician sitting on a mountain of boxes and legs.
29 years ago we never had internet or mobile phones or computers, of course things are better, but not as the same pace as the rest of the world - ifiots
Yes, the ANC gave you all of it!

Rhodes disagrees though, so does Vodaphone (I deny ever having a Motorola 5200), ditto IBM, Olivetti etc. Ystertiet also denies that I convinced her to allow me to do a mandatory engineering programming course on a PC in 1981. It beat the old punch cards or paper tape we were using on ... dunno, since we never had computers in South Africa back then? Sperry might agree though, since we absolutely did not use one of their systems running Unix Vr2 in the Armscor group.

We may disagree on the percentage of people in each respective group who have the ability and the abovementioned traits though.
Yes, I'm fully aware of that.

I thought you were just keeping quiet about that and chuckling to yourself. My guess would be that that percentage might be 0 for a particular group, in your opinion.