Despite challenges, SA much better than it was 29 years ago: Mashatile

Yes, I'm fully aware of that.

I thought you were just keeping quiet about that and chuckling to yourself. My guess would be that that percentage might be 0 for a particular group, in your opinion.
My opinion is formed based on my experience and observation.
So let me get this straight... What you stated: it's enough to show my support of the ANC.... I never said anything, I only highlighted what you said, and asked 2 questions... So by extension and logic you are now saying that, what YOU said shows YOUR support of the ANC.

Do you understand what im saying, does it make sense to you?

"The apartheid government had the world top5 army in the world, if you ask questions about that it means you a ANC supporter"....Lol... Godwins law applicable and shortened

Some may agree with you, but after coming to their senses, factually even they can see what you wrote is mostly garbage, most rational people simply notice it outright.

You are too short-fused man, nobody is touching you on your studio. You just do not want to be challenged on your views, I wasnt even disagreeing with you and already you hurling foul language and insults, so such anger lol.... The one issue with anger is that at a certain point it will end with either shame or regret, if not you have not learned anything from anger. The far extremes of ideologies always find it easy to label and shame instead of understanding and debate. Its "your truth" facts dont matter, anyone not in agreement is the enemy.

You POV is that the apartheid government was the best government in the world, no government in the world has ever had so many "the best in........ "awards in so many categories its statistically improbable, or irrational, highly emotive than rational.

If you question the ANC government of anything (not disagreeing, just questioning) they might label you a apartheid agent" or whatever, how many times have we seen that?

I say you have far more in common with the ANC than you think, and the Nats as well actually.
Stop taking the drugs bud they not doing you or your arguments any good.
Yeah better for the comrades and their BEE / AA brothers
but for everyone else its a **** show
Oh, well, since you make such good points why don't we just go back to Apartheid then? I mean it is clearly the objectively superior system, you fscking chop.

Oh look, SkankyMike puts in an appearance with his typical trademark attack.

Actually it was superior.

Acknowledging it says nothing positive about apartheid, rather more about the dismal failure of the current South Africa. If you can't cope with reality, have a whiff of powered copium:

Apartheid wasn't the holocaust but it wasn't great for non white people as well.

Everyone knows this.

Some tries to make it worse than the worst thing that's ever happened and some tries to make the time out as heaven on earth. Both are ****en stupid. It's a shame we're the last civilised country to obliterate segregation laws but I'm tired of people constantly using it as a discussion point as if South Africa was the only bad seed country in the world.


This to me was the most indicative thing to have ever been attempted by this racist regime running the country today. There is nothing more insulting and controversial attempted in modern times. I personally feel like they actually should've done it so that Afrikaans speaking people had a better foot to stand on in international eyes. But at the moment everyone just sees apartheid:
Aren't you the same d00s that suggested a fistfight over apartheid Apologism?

Yes, yes you are. If you really did hate Apartheid so much then maybe you should pay more attention to the cretins you defend on this forum my guy.

For the record I would never initiate violence against another human being. You are welcome to swing first though at which point all bets are off.

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