Determining what was used to build a website - is there an application, what else?


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Sep 8, 2008
Hi All,

We have software that is used to take the content of a traditional website from that site, format it for use on all mobile phones with the help of a designer it must be said, and then we publish it to our own hosting platform.

Easy with a static site, also easy if we know what the site was built was if it is a content-rich portal-like thing and we want to use feeds and CMC plug-ins, actually a number of plug-ins involved.

Now, we are starting to have to deal with large volumes from all over, and I need something that can tell us straight-off what was used to build the site, to avoid delays and customer frustration due to us promising things we maybe can not do yet.

Anyone out there that can help, please?

By the way, we have opportunities for Service Providers - sales people and also designers - with commissions of up to 40 % of a sale. Drop me a note for more info, I'd prefer to give SA people first chance.

Thanks all, cheers!