Developer Economics Q2 2020 Survey - Win great prizes

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Sep 3, 2017
MyBroadband is partnering with SlashData for the Developer Economics Q2 2020 Survey to give away a Google Home Mini to a lucky MyBroadband forum member who completes the survey.

To enter, simply do the following:
Visit the Developer Economics Survey Website
• Complete the survey
• Type "Done" in this thread

The survey is open to anyone who is a developer - professionally, as a hobby, or as a student - and asks a variety of questions including which platforms, programming languages, and tools are favoured by software developers.

Outside of the prizes exclusive to MyBroadband forum members, SlashData is offering a variety of prizes to those who complete the survey, including an iPhone 11, an Oculus Quest 64GB, and $50 Amazon vouchers.

The MyBroadband competition will run until 21 June 2020 and standard competition rates apply.

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