Did Islam experience a massive cover up?


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Aug 26, 2011
Notice the question mark in the OP? Whole point of this thread is to debate if indeed parts of Islamic history has been covered up. Some interesting counter articles you posted which as expected will come from an Islamic apologist who conveniently left out the balance of Doctrina Jacobis account.
I'm not really sure what you mean by 'covered up', tbh. By who? For what purpose? The historicity of religions' origins is a inherently tricky subject, with many murky (often contradictory) texts, timelines, characters, different methodological traditions etc.

FrankCastle said:
Heres the full account and not surprisingly Jacobi considers Muhammed to be a false prophet:
A Byzantine, Christian tract considers Mohammed to be a false prophet? Well, that's hardly surprising, wouldn't you say? I mean, it's Christianity's central position on Mohammed/Islam.

But why should the Doctrina Jacobi be valued higher than other sources of Islamic history that contradict it?

And if you dislike the response from 'Islamic apologists'*, why do you find a Catholic apologist's perspective particularly valuable?

* I don't think they are Islamic apologists, btw. David A. King is a historian of science (astronomy, specifically) and AJ Deus seems to be a researcher and historian with a particular interest in early Islamic history. He's posted a bunch of papers here on a variety of related topics. His review of Gibson's book is also worth reading.


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Jul 14, 2014
From here: http://allanruhl.com/islam-and-the-doctrina-jacobi/

Can we retrieve any doctrine from this small passage? Yes. The passage says: “he was proclaiming the advent of the anointed one, the Christ who was to come.This is not part of Islamic theology. According to Islam, Jesus Christ is the Messiah(Hebrew for anointed one) and he came 600 years earlier. This is completely inconsistent with traditional Islamic origins.

The above is misleading.

Islam acknowledges Christ as the Messiah.
Quran confirms that Christ ascended and the Hadith confirm that he will return in the end times. This is one of the many similarities between Islam and Christianity. The above is not explicit as to which of 2 the advents of Christ was being proclaimed.

Edit: reference to the 2 advents of Christ.
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