Disney+ in South Africa - your choice is still a VPN or piracy

What, so they aren't blocking shared IP addresses, like other major streaming services?
Don't waste your money, i can't even get the app on my LG TV and using Disney+ on pc there's no app so you are stuck watching 720p cause chromium browsers don't support 4k steaming.
Wonder why they still not available here.. it’s kinda odd. Wonder if someone has some major license agreements? Monochoice?
All the blocking. All the prevention. All the fighting. All the competition. All the money. This one will be mad at that one.... the High Seas it will be then until these corporate thieves get their acts together then.
Think setting up a plex with Radarr and Sonarr is easier plus just yeah works really well once you got it all tweeked

Few nice autobuilders out on the web that make it easy
These days I feel like if the company doesn’t want to be paid due to complicated payment arrangements, geo blocking or overly expensive offerings(usually bundled), they deserve what they get.
But of course. You're entitled™ to it after all, aren't you. :)

I'm sure the bar to what makes it too complicated or too expensive is also set pretty low as well. ;)