do you donate blood?

I donated blood since I was 16. Used to donate regularly, less so when I moved to Pretoria 10 years ago, but still donated as much as I could or was allowed to.
Last year I got COVID, was in ICU for a couple of weeks and because of the drugs my red blood cells were decimated. They had to pump me with 10 units of hemoglobin blood products, then 2 days after I was discharged I was rushed back in because I was vomiting up blood from an ulcer. This required that I get another 5 units of blood.

9 months after getting out of hospital I get a call from a debt collection agency saying I owe the SANBS R55,000 for blood and services (note that this was the first time I ever received any communication from anyone related to the SANBS). It took me 2 months to get the statements of the account so that I could see why I owe said money. R29,000 was blood products, the rest was admin fees and delivery fees, and no discount because I donated blood.

So here is how it works... if you are on medical aid the blood is covered, if you go to a government hospital the blood is covered but if you are a private patient then you have to pay full price (regardless if you donated blood).

SANBS even has a pricelist on its website... so you give that pint of blood for free, and then they charge R2500 for it (excluding delivery and admin fees).
So I refuse to give my blood to an organisation that feels that they get to make money off my blood and give me a ****ing biscuit and a fruit juice in exchange.

So when they start to pay people for their blood then I will donate. I think R250 per donation is fair (my time and petrol are not free), and we know it will bring in more donations.
This is exactly why I stopped as well, gave 25 units over the years and then was charged a huge bill after surgery.