Do you like it when a waiter asks you “How is your food”?

Do you like it when a waiter asks you “How is your food”?

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Aug 26, 2016
It's annoying when they're just doing the rounds and asking you when your mouth is full of food. I've seen a few do it the right way.
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Jul 6, 2010
Ask me AFTER the meal as you take away the plates and I have no problem with it, especially if you were asking seriously and wanted real comment on the food.

But don’t just ask by the way as if it was a rhetorical question.

I had the pleasure of being taken to a restaurant in Paarl on a wine farm with a friend on a random Sunday afternoon and it was pretty quiet.

We had two courses and the waitress was pretty chatty because us being foodies she heard us being very descriptive on the food.

Ended up comping us dessert just for having open commentary on the food.

Turns out she thought he was one of the chefs at a competing restaurant.


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Jul 25, 2007
I have been told that they ask you this as it allows you to raise any concerns about the meal and to ensure they get paid the set price.

As I understand it or have been told, you as the customer have the right to decide the price of your meal if it’s not up to scratch. If the list price for a steak is R200 and you decide it tastes like an old boot you could say it’s only worth R50 You complain to the waiter and when the bill arrives you only pay R50 when the bill arrives. This ends the sales process and your legal obligation.

When they ask you if everything is ok and you say “yes” you have technically agreed that all is good and you will pay the set price.

Like I said two people have told me this, I have not read it or tried the process out.

Interested to see if anyone else has heard the same.
Eh ? No, it doesn't work like that, once you have ordered you have agreed to the price, you have effectively been given a short credit period, people have different tastes, if every one were to judge the quality of a meal it will differ a lot between people so there is a common standard for the meal, properly cooked, edible and as per request.So if you have been informed you have ordered a C grade steak the expectation is a C grade steak.

But essentially once you placed an order even if you don't pay right away you already entered into an agreed sales contract, it's while placing the order that you need to haggle the price.


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Oct 20, 2011
I often get the feeling that they are asking for the sake of it, rather than because they actually care.

I wonder if post 8 is the reason they ask?

It is not just a South African thing either: you get it in the UK too.
Which is exactly why they should rather stay away.


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Jun 4, 2005
I find it an awkward question to answer honestly sometimes. I'm not a fan of potentially insulting anyone. So if the food is s hite I'm reluctant to say so.

I remember sitting down to a meal with my SO and I was complaining to her about how disappointing the grub was. Seconds later the manager asked how we were enjoying our meal. "good thanks" I retorted.


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Mar 29, 2016
It's irritating when it's done more than once. It's a pretense to asking if you want to order something.

I'm happy if the waitron asks once and then keeps asking if we need anything else. I quite like it when the manager comes round to ask.


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Jul 18, 2008
Do you appreciate it when a waiter or manager in a restaurant asks you “how is your food?” or “is everything fine” after you started to eat your meal?

If you have a choice, would you prefer that they come and ask you pro-actively, or rather wait for you to call them if there is a problem?
I usually get a panicked look on my face and ask if it was still breathing when it left the kitchen. I prefer to see the waiter walk past my table and be within reach than have a conversation with them. Personally I reckon restaurants should just use electronics to summon the waiter.


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Aug 2, 2004
By all means, check if the order is correct or if we need anything just after the food is served, but please don't interrupt the middle of a meal asking us to rate the food. If it's inedible, you'll know about it long before that, if it's kind of average we probably won't be bothered to say anything anyway, and if it's really good, we'll tell you when we've finished.

In well run restaurants, they don't need to ask you as they will be constantly aware of your table so that if you need anything they can respond quickly. I actually take it as a sign that the restaurant has issues when the manager needs to come round every 15 mins and ask you if everything is okay.


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Jun 23, 2008
I prefer to be left in peace, so I don't like it.

But I don't mind if they do it.


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May 29, 2018
If I do not like what I am eating, I will stop eating and let you know.
Don't ask me if it is okay when I have a gob full. If I am eating it, I obviously like it.

I make a point of it to have small bites till the waiter has come and gone. Only then can I enjoy my food