Do you prefer buying a smartphone on contract or prepaid?

Do you prefer buying a smartphone on contract or prepaid?

  • Contract

    Votes: 61 30.8%
  • Prepaid

    Votes: 137 69.2%

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Dec 23, 2014
Sorry to bump a 3 year old thread...

I currently have a sim only data contract and buy airtime as needed. I pay R200/month for 20gb data with MTN and buy around R200 airtime a month for calls.
I havent seen any other contracts match that for price (unless I have missed it somewhere.

I use a XS Max as my daily, which I purchased 2 years ago with my iStore Credit Card, which has since been long paid off.

Then I also have a OnePlus 7T Pro, purchased on contract from Vodacom for R399/month, which was way cheaper than buying it cash. I wanted this phone as a backup device, for when I get bored of my iPhone.

I like to switch phones often, so contracts tend to make my options limited and keeps me tied down for 24 months.
In the past I used to buy phones cash (on credit) and sell them later if needed and repay that on my credit card.
I knew I lost a bit of money everytime, but it seemed worth it to me at that time.
I haven't done that in a while though.

I have tried to force myself to change my mindset about phones, and try to go for midrange devices.
Although these devices work well (performance wise etc), the cameras are usually the let down, and as I take a lot of photos with my phone, it kind of forces me to go with the high end, more expensive devices.
This usually forces me to buy on credit or get stuck in a 24 month contracts.