Do you want your ex to miss you?


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Dec 14, 2008
sure DJK, but please .... dont get all touchy feely afterwards ok? This is just a lay, i dont need someone emotional and clingy hanging onto my leg as i walk out ... bhwahahahahahahahahahaha :p
You two should get a room lol:p


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Apr 6, 2005
Hey Kitten, I never knew it was a week..

I am back on you must be sleeping by now chat to you tomorrow kitten


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Mar 25, 2007
And once the singles of the forum find this thread, Kitten wont have another dull moment :rolleyes:


Mar 25, 2008
DJK we pretty much broke up because he had forgotten I was his SO, and rather treated me as his emotional punching bag. He would fight at any chance, and now that i'm alone i'm left wondering if we could have fixed things

Lol, move on and while your moving jump off the Emo-van.. MH has dibbs on it.

That's just the loneliness talking. Go out and have fun!


My gf and I broke up after 4 years and yes it was not fun but Im having fun now and I just decided to live life :p:D

I am meeting new people and just having fun wherever I go.

Do any of you feel real jealousy when you hear about your ex having the time of their life? honestly now.

Lol, nha its kinda like show and tell and I win in the living life department :p

What scares me DJK is that you would need lube :p, far as i know thats pretty much sorted unless your doing something wrong :p

ROFL :D Maybe DJK likes the older ones.


Aug 22, 2003
I have found myself in an awful spot, where I am left hoping my ex misses me and thinks of me. Is it really wrong for me to want this? Should I be wishing him the best from life? I probably should, but hell I sit here and hope he sits feeling miserable, wishing we were still together .... I feel rather awful about this, does anyone else feel this way too? Help! I don't want to be alone in the evil ex partner scheme please :/

Sometimes (recently, I even wanted to post about it now) I miss my ex. I don't wish her to be miserable though, but I do hope she misses me too and that she somehow compares the current guy she's with with me and see how much better I was for her.

It doesn't happen every day and I don't think about it constantly but we got along real great as friends and I miss that most of all.

Anyway, you'll achieve nothing by wishing that or thinking about it constantly. i didn't read the rest of the posts yet but all I can say is it's normal if you're recently single. Otherwise if its 6months + you'll have to start moving on and find someone better.

i'm better