Doctors remove bullet from woman's face that lodged there 42 years ago


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Jun 12, 2007
He Wenying had a headache - and it wasn't going away.

In fact, it didn't go away for 42 years.

And when it spread throughout her entire body earlier this month, she decided she could wait no longer.

He, 65, went under the knife earlier this month to allow doctors to remove a bullet that was embedded in her skull in 1967 during China's Cultural Revolution.

The 3.3cm bullet apparently hit He when it ricocheted through a thin wall during a fight between rival factions of Red Guards amid the communist fundamentalism of the early Cultural Revolution.

It lodged into the right side of her face between her jaw and her ear.

Astonishingly, she did not realise a bullet was there until 1978, when doctors finally figured out what the cause of her persistent headaches was.