Does anyone here know elderly people with co-mordities who have recovered from covid?


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Mar 20, 2015
It's rare for me, but I'm at a loss for words.

This I will say tho, your mother was spared the horrors that very frequently come with heavy sedation or induced coma during mechanical ventilation in an ICU environment.
ICU delerium, and the nightmares many suffer while unconscious is mind boggling.

There are moron keyboard warriors without a day of either academic or clinical experience here who continually invest into the "its only flu" narrative.
To them, as I said in another thread, "go fukk yourselves".

For the "just flu" pinheads, feast your eyes - a taste of cape town:
these people had their lives cut short - and this is happening countrywide, day and night, as you bang away at your little keyboards:

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I speak to my past self when I say, wear a mask you fvcking cvnt, obey lockdown regulations, your 1% was my 50%
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Jul 20, 2008
My grandmother is 80 and survived. If you exclude age, she didn't have any other conditions against her. She says that it was absolute hell to go through.