Donald J. Trump: President of the USA Part II Covfefe

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The Humble Scot!
May 19, 2009
Another thread wasted on a president who is only second in pathetic to our own.

Edit: wait... He is behind Mugabe, Put in and that cretin from North Korea.


Ulysses Everett McGill
Aug 26, 2011
buka001 said:
My point (I agree that it was not well written) was given Trump's pandering to his support base and the constant fued between himself and the media, it only serves to promote and invigorate his agenda.

His support base see this as validation and vindication of Trump. This is why I say he will in all liklehood be re-elected in the next election. It is why I brought it up here, as this fued between Trump and CNN is exactly what his supporters want him to do.
Right, but the question then becomes whether his base is enough. I don't think it is, necessarily.

It does say a lot about his supporters if this is what they think he should be spending his time on. Other than golfing for literally 1/5th of his time in office.

Unhappy438 said:
Oh stop with this, he didn't retweet a neonazi. He retweeted a meme that contained no neonazi connotations. The fact that it happened to be made by a neonazi (not even sure about this, troll seems more likely) is something i highly doubt he would have known and largely irrelevant.
And yet whoever finds this crap for him is clearly trawling the internet to find these things, made by crazy bigots.

konfab said:
Assange Tweeted this from the New York Penal codes
Rich that Assange whines about this given that WikiLeaks basically doxxed almost all the women in Turkey, rape victims (including children) and outed a gay guy in Saudi Arabia.

S7wede said:
Those are not so much flawed logic as much as just being incorrect. I will admit to being wrong, but not that my logic was in any way flawed. CNN still is much in the wrong in blackmailing a private individual and many liberals don't see a problem with this type of behavior simply because they don't agree with the victim. TO me this is indicative of why Trump won in the first place. Some people can't seem to understand why Identity Politics simply doesn't work.
Au contraire - it does work. His whole campaign was based on lies and identity politics.

Also, if "that type of behavior" bothered them they wouldn't support Trump in the first place. In reality they don't mind when it gets done to the people they hate.
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