DOOM: The Dark Ages

The fantasy element doesn't feel like Doom to me. I want the sci-fi stuff back, plotlines involving the UAC fiddling with portals, messing with science, experiments gone wrong, spaceships and Doom guy is just a (very capable) space marine, fighting for his life - not some kind of immortal chosen one or superhero.
I suspect this started out as a Quake reboot. But Microsoft wants that cash and DOOM is the more established franchise.
It looks great, but I want that jump in graphics like the first time I saw Quake. Someone make it happen!
Doing a replay and streaming of Doom eternal on twitch making people laugh at how I suck at weapon switching in Ultra Violence mode. Got through the Doom Hunter Base last night. This game is way more difficult than 2016 and I struggle to lock onto that Doom Dance thing the pros do. Is still super fun though.
I am more hopeful but we still have to see actual game play which includes the actual combat loop; hopefully excluding their "this is they way" Piñata bullshit. You know that way to play that was forced down our throats as the true™ and better™.