Droves of Special Task Force officers giving up law enforcement in favour of private security companies


Jul 29, 2021
Mass elite police exodus in South Africa

South Africa is losing skilled Special Task Force (STF) law enforcement officers to private security companies as they search for higher wages, the Sunday Times reports.

In some instances, these skilled cops can earn up to three times their current salaries as bodyguards or protectors for high-risk business people and taxi bosses.
Not only better wages, but much better working conditions, opportunities for advancement, full medical and family alllowances

A friend runs a local armed response co and employs 92 wardens. They work shift but have reasonable duty periods, 2 full days off a week and variable pay rates for the periods worked. They get cars under one year old which are properly maintained

Not ADT but similar. Their staff turnover is modest.

One thorn in his side is the PSIRA. Always interfering, turning up to do "inspections" and getting in the way of the work. PSIRA are more concerned that the wardens have clean boots and know the military regulations than the actual welfare of the staff. The PSIRA is an ANC invention to skim money from businesses
Today's SAPS STF is nothing. The private sector will see it too when taking them in.