DStv announces big change to SuperSport channels

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
DStv announces big change to SuperSport channels

DStv has announced that it will open up SuperSport channels which were previously only available on its Premium packages to other subscribers.

DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Access, and Family subscribers will have access to SuperSport 7, while Compact and Compact Plus users will also be able to watch SuperSport 1.

This change forms part of an “Open Window” viewing period which will end on 30 April 2020, DStv said.
... and we'll still screw over the DSTV Premium subscribers by charging them the same amount
Imagine still paying 900 bucks a month and there's no live sports to watch, I'm pretty sure this virus will be around for a lot longer than a month.
Great but, what about the dstv premium clients R900 can that be lower as well. What's the point, give the other clients free mnet, 1M..