DStv prices: decreases, increases and the Rand/Dollar exchange rate


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Jul 22, 2003
DStv prices: decreases and increases

DStv prices in Ghana recently decreased because the local currency strengthened against the Dollar. This raises the question as to how the Rand/Dollar rate affects DStv in South Africa
“This is about constantly improving the DStv service,” the spokesperson said.

MultiChoice said it has added 37 television channels, 3 audio channels, and 11 ad hoc channels since April 2013 – whereas it has only removed 12 channels.

“This should tell you that we’re interested in creating better entertainment value for our customers,” MultiChoice said

As my neighbour says... hohum, yawn... Netflix.
Really, exchange rates are the reason your prices have to increase in SA but not in Ghana?

Could it maybe be because in Ghana there is COMPETITION?

Number of Authorised TV Operators - 28
• Number of Free on air TV Operators - 20
• Number of pay per view TV Operators - 7
• Authorised for research purposes - 1

From a quick google search I found the above information, could be outdated but still, 28 TV operators and prices goes down.

SA, 4 TV Operators and prices goes up...
I cannot recall DStv ever decreasing in price in its entire history.
BS in SA it's lack of competition nothing to do with exchange rates
Retailers and commercial service providers will always have a truck load of excuses why prices cannot come down when the Rand strengthens.
“Each country, similarly, has unique issues in relation to costs and pricing,” the spokesperson said. “In South Africa our price increases have remained stable, despite big fluctuations in currency over the last few years.”

Ghana currency strenghens, DSTV subs decreases ..

Rand had big fluctuations, price increases remain steady ..

If you haven't dumped them yet, you either have an endless supply of vaseline or you actually like being DSTV's bitch.
DSTV don't have to decrease prices because South African suckers are quite happy to just open their wallets and let Multichoice stick their hands way down deep in there!
Just remember suckers, DSTV loves you[r cash] very, very much! :D
Works like this:
When The Rand weakens against the dollar: DSTV prices are increased.
When The Rand strengthens against the dollar: DSTV prices are increased.
When The Rand stays the same against the dollar: DSTV prices are increased.

Not sure why MC says that the exchange rate is a problem for them.
I haven't had DSTV for 15 years. Was bored with it when I had it (living with the parents)...