DStv's plan to cut three channels causes backlash

Well, not that I care since I'm not a subscriber, but why not just say what the new channels are?
Whatever you do, DSTV as since the beginning, do what they wil without paying any attention to its subscribers. We had a special bouquet for Retirment homes with a choice of certain channels. Without prior notice it was terminated and a totally unsuited bouquet substituted and DSTV refuse to enter into any discussion. I thing the term for this is autocratic dealings with your “underlings”
Ok to be fair Lifetime was for the brain dead.
CI had shows from 1991 and History had Pawn shop on repeat.
Guess they gotta make a profit?:sneaky:

I wonder if it is a cost cutting measure after the large drop in Premium subs? In otherwords they will just continue to do this untill the only channels they will have left is Mzanzi magic.
Bite the bullet and unsubscribe, the sooner everyone does it, the sooner they will lose their monopoly. Then other streaming services can open up services to SA for much cheaper, live live sports streaming etc.
There was a 3 month period where they opened History and a few other channels opened on compact and the most I probably watched was a documentary I found after weeks of scrolling through their lineup but all I watched was from the start right up to first ad break.

History basically just showed the same dozen or so shows on constant repeat with the odd documentary peppered in. It would probably be cheaper for Multichoice to just purchase the rights for the most popular shows for both DSTV and Showmax
Well, not that I care since I'm not a subscriber, but why not just say what the new channels are?
probably because the new channels will just make it worse

Best guess is one channel will be a new Mzansi Channel and the other something cheap from the US
Why not rather cut the other crap like "BET", "SABC", Religious nonsense, etc.
A previous mybb article indicated there was some disagreement between dstv and the supplier of these particular channels.
And why is the other Documentary option, National Geographic, not in HD? I struggle to enjoy it.