DTM and Super GT finalise 'Class One' rules tie-up and joint races


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May 11, 2011
The DTM and Super GT have finalised a 'Class One' regulations tie-up and will have two joint races in 2019.

Talks between the two series have been ongoing since 2014 with the championships since demonstrating cars at each other's events after the DTM delayed new engines and chassis until '19 as part of its Class One push.

DTM boss Gerhard Berger has been under pressure to replace the void left by Mercedes leaving at the end of 2018, with BMW and Audi accepting a potential bridging year if a replacement was not secured.

Berger and Masaaki Bandoh - the head of Super GT's parent company - have revealed the DTM will move to the new regulations for 2019, and Super GT will head in a similar direction for the following year.

According to a statement confirming the news, "safety, cost reduction and equal opportunities" are essential to the tie-up and makes common parts a cornerstone of the regulations.

Parts will be manufactured in Europe and Asia and the DTM's carbonfibre monocoque with an integrated safety cell will be retained.

The DTM will also move to a four-cylinder two-litre turbocharged engine, replacing the V8 units for an expected increase of 100bhp to a total of 620bhp, meaning top speeds of just over 180mph.

Further changes include reworked bodywork at the front of the car and a revised rear wing and several other aerodynamic tweaks will more closely align it to Super GT.

From what I gather, Japanese Super GT is cheaper to run (the field is far bigger and there are actually privateers); the cars are faster and have far less aero (helps keep costs down and improves racing) and is subsequently more appealing to manufacturers. Merc is leaving the DTM championship next year so currently only Audi and BMW will be competing, the rule changes may entice more manufacturers to enter.

Personally, I'd love to see Opel enter again. The 2 liter turbo is right up their alley with the Astra. Still reckon it was between the Opel Calibra and Alfa 155 for the sexiest touring car of the 90s.