Dual SIM LTE options


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Feb 19, 2013

I've seen this asked elsewhere but can't find a neat solution.

I, as I think many may, am using two LTE providers. I use RAIN off-peak and CELL C during peak. Currently I need to manually swop SIM cards in my Huawei B315 at 6pm and swop back at 11pm. There must be a better way?

I have obviously considered the two router option. I can then either put the routers on plug timers or use sonoff devices to time switching over. This will work but I'll need to outlay for a new LTE router so, before I do, I thought I'd make sure there is not a better solution.

I was thinking dual SIM router but I see elsewhere online talk that these don't exist. This confused me as what is this :

Would that not work? If I'm understanding correct a modem would still be needed?

Is there any other dual SIM option where I can have timed switch over?

If I'm going to fork out over R1k for a B535 or more for a B818, I might as well consider options.


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Jun 15, 2011
Keeping the phone plugged in and charged 24/7 is my concern with that. This is not for individual use but the house.
Never had a problem with that. The battery on my Redmi Note 2 swelled after 6 months but that was because of the terrible overheating old Mediatek chipset.