Durban advocate who stole a bar fridge, kettle, vase, and two lamps convicted for theft


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Oct 11, 2010
LOL, reminds me of an incident many, many years ago. This chap probably had his first stay in a "proper" hotel, the Ritz Protea, no less. :laugh:

Within 5 minutes of being shown his room, he invites his colleague over for "some drinks". They proceed to hit that fridge. Hard. Quite a while later, the SO and I (being the senior officials for our region, Eastern Province) check up on whether everything is OK and whether everyone has settled in properly.

Upon reaching said room it was quite obvious that these two were far gone. When they heard that the drinks were indeed not free, they almost shocked themselves into instant sobriety! :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:

Suffice to say that they went home much poorer than when they arrived.
Wow, I can only imagine the bill for clearing out a hotel bar fridge... Only thing I ever had the guts to try was a bar of chocolate in a hotel in the Netherlands and that was a stupid amount.


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Aug 5, 2011
I've travelled a lot and stayed in countless 5star hotels (generous employer).
I have a formidable collection of Bath gowns (perhaps a fetish). I do however let the hotel know I have taken it.
In the overwhelming majority of instances the hotel says not to worry. On a couple of times they want reimbursement & I have them add it to my card.

The challenge is to get the big thing into my already overpacked luggage.

A bar fridge is really next level.

The obvious question is did this man really think nobody would notice a missing fridge.
A bath gown maybe, perhaps a pillow - but a fridge?
He may as well have gone full retard and loaded up the bed and curtains as well.

Frikking slacker doing a half job!!
I have on occassion grab the branded pens. Thats it.


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Jun 23, 2020
He's a senior prosecutor and a doc I saw says, a senior public prosecutor earns in the range, R 983 019.00 per annum (Total Cost Package) to R 1 536 567.00 per annum. This guy at 57 is probably one of those middling types so must be earning near the middle of that.
Sheesh what does it take to become a prosecutor? A coke and some chips maybe to the right HR?
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Moby Grape

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Jul 18, 2008
Can we start a gofundme and buy this poor man some furniture?
On a serious note, has he been disbarred yet?