Durban exemption from load-shedding to end on 25 May


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May 24, 2010
Eskom ends Durban's load-shedding exemption

Eskom has ended Durban's load-shedding relief after the catastrophic floods in April 2022, with the eThekwini Municipality announcing it would revert to regular load-shedding schedules from 25 May 2023, East Coast Radio confirmed.

Following the deadly floods, Durban was exempted from load-shedding for some time while it repaired critical electricity and water infrastructure.
Someone in the ANC figured out that they can east more when there is loadshedding?
This change will only last for a month and a half ... when the next mass(mart)-pillaging will take place!
Annoyed by it cos I know it means I'm gonna be out for days at a time..

I understand it, but I shall still rant about it.
That's not different to what happens in the rest of the country. You can now rant about it with everyone else...
Join us in JHB we've been having it
I kind of expect it to be worse.. I'm thinking days at a time of no power after any load shedding session.. So I expect to have maybe 8 to 10 hours of power per week maybe
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