Durban family finally gets postal package from New York — 13 years after it was sent

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
Well, been a while since using SAPO. I discovered (to my cost after losing thousands of Rands) That once a parcel arrives in South Africa at the International "Automatic" Sorting Centre in Johannesburg, the very first thing they do is to completely cover the International Waybill with a South African waybill. This makes further tracking and tracing impossible. If a parcel ever does arrive, it's a complete fluke or perhaps a miracle. Mostly, I suspect, there must be a roaring blackmarket in "lost" goods operating close by.
Excellent! That means there's still hope that a parcel I ordered from the US back in 2011 may still arrive.
The state of the country, reflected in a SOE ....

A letter to my Aunt, posted in Pretoria, to East London, took 9 years to arrive, somehow, it traveled to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand Agentina, Brazil, all over the USA, UK, and Europe, and other parts of the African continent. It was literally covered on both sides with post office stamps, a extremely well traveled envelope.
Oh well..........their slogan is after all "we deliver, whatever it takes". Lol!!
That is indeed their slogan, but when I Googled it, this is the first result:

"- Embracing diversity and transformation in the way we conduct business."