Dutch cannabis smoker fined - for using tobacco



thats nice of you to say :mad:

half of the dutch population smokes, but not a quarter of that smoke weed, so banning smoking in public places like restaurants, cafes and government buildings like railway stations and airports is the way to go. No stompies on the ground and no bad smells. I wish it could happen here aswell. I really got used to it when i was there a few monts ago.
Be grateful they just irritate me. Most other nations and people pisses me off much more. Europeans are just an irritation.

Natasha H

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Aug 15, 2008
also true... the germans are even worse! sex is allowed at an age of 14 so ya, not a cool thing
Yes, it is shocking how many people are sleeping around with what you can only call, strangers..

Even here in SA, you read of teenagers making sex videos in public toilets and more..
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