E-tv vs DStv over SABC and DTT secret deal


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Jul 22, 2003
E-tv slams secret DStv-SABC deal: report

E-tv slams secret DStv-SABC deal: report

E-tv has lashed out at a secret deal between MultiChoice and the SABC that would block the free-to-air broadcaster from carrying the latter's channels, the Sunday Times reports.


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Jul 6, 2010
So E-TV has an issue with somebody else's STB being able to read a freely transmitted signal just because the box says Multichoice on the cover? Do they have an issue because the MNet decoder can tune to the E-TV and SABC analogue signals and send it onto the TV? They really want us to have multiple STBs doing exactly the same task?

I smell serious rodent here, ROUS even. They claim they will not be a pay-TV provider, but want to restrict what STBs can receive their signal IN South Africa. Free-to-air means just that, anyone can receive the signal with standards-compliant equipment. We've already had DSTV enforce a virtual ban on HDD PVR units that can tune analogue signals, now we have E-TV wanting to restrict signal reception to approved STBs? Thank god for internet downloads of TV shows.


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May 1, 2010
Firstly, I am quite confused: Was it not etv that was totally against any encryption of DTT?

Secondly, I feel this is just a tactic etv is using to delay the roll out of DTT

Remember: the more they can delay DTT, the more time they have to get as much people as possible locked into their little FTA satellite service.

The local market really needs to pull itself together


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Mar 10, 2009
Conditional access will allow a new paytv operator who can collect revenue and I am all for one trying to survive by drawing viewership by quality programming.

It does not have to be etv. We all lose in the current situation. Multichoice should be sent to the corner on this one. Their argument snacks of protectionism of their monopoly.


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Aug 4, 2005
I think it's pretty simple.. Gov has always called for encryption as part of the standard used for free to air channels albeit it makes little sense other than simply forcing everyone to use STBs or pay for the inclusion of an encryption chip on their smart tv tuners.

No there is a push for a lack there of.. cool i say but why is etv opposing.. its pretty simple. they want to have pay tv offerings too. It's pretty damn easy to see.. yes while the gov's initial solution is still workable with turning on encryption for select things, like pay tv.. it gives etv a free platform to do so with the least cost <-- stb's will have it built in. Multi-choice dislikes this as they heavily invested in STBs of their own, which do this at a cost naturally.

Is etv all in the clear.. nope, is sabc in the clear.. nope, back-deal/bribe likely happen to make them reverse decision me thinks, is multichoice in the clear nope.. obviously they benefit this way as it forces new entrants to develop and STBs