Edwin Thompson


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Jul 22, 2003
Edwin Thompson is the General Manager of Technology and Infrastructure at MTN Business.

He has been in the Telecommunications industry since the beginning of 1982 and holds a NHDT in Electronic Engineering. Edwin commenced his career working for the DataTec Group in the wide area-networking environment where he gained extensive experience. In 1993 he joined UUNET SA (which later traded as Verizon Business SA) as the Technical Director and in 2001 became the company’s Regulatory Director.

Following the merger of MTN NS and Verizon Business SA to form MTN Business, Edwin maintains a key executive position within the company – General Manager of infrastructure and technology. With his in-depth understanding of the ICT sector, telecommunications law and African network expansion requirements, Edwin is responsible for the maintenance and strategic development of the company’s fibre network – one of the most sophisticated in Southern Africa. Edwin also acts in an advisory role for a number of companies and associations including ICASA and CUASA where he engages with Government and operators on an ongoing basis.



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