El-Cheapo UPS Battery replacement: Can I use Lithium (LiPo)?

the notion that manufacturers suggest not using a lifepo4 in a lead acid device based on any scietific method is laughable

the easiest way to limit liability is to make a statement that covers just about any scenario other than the form you sold the product in

that is what they do, internet sleuths test it and find the flawed items and share their experience on forums like this, a very high percentage have success with lifepo4, few exceptions here and there. which often turn out to be a faulty item ie bad battery/bms or sub standard charging circuit ie mecer modified sine wave 720/1440 etc on 20A charge rate, and naturally some bad sizing choices of batteries

people love to blame internet experts , while in most cases the problem might be people hear what they want to hear or can't understand/comprehend what they are being told and implement it wrong

and often so called "real experts" are learning on the job and fall victim to the same pitfalls ie making mistakes and have a high failure rate, and naturally if you don't understand how these things work you may make wrong assumptions, and propogate old myths which don;t apply

ie like claiming a lithium has to charge at a specific charge rate or that a lifepo4 voltage curve does not fit in a lead acid voltage curve,

or that a lead acid charge circuit operating in its normal range can damage a lifepo4 battery, if it damages a lithium battery you have a faulty battery/bms that falls on the supplier not the user

or that a lead acid device can discharge a lifepo4 past its 100% dod and damage it with ugly consequences
or that 11v is full discharged voltage on lifepo4
any understanding of how a bms works?

and posting half truths ie posting only a discharge curve to claim the voltage of a lifepo4 does not fit in a lead acid charge cycle

or that you have to have a soc monitoring device when using lifepo4
in fact in lead acid scenario this is actrually more important

or that a device that discharges past lifepo4 shutdown voltage or close to it can't use a lifepo4, it can you just have to know how to jump start it if the device has a smart charger circuit that needs the battery present to power up or start charging

some of those stataments reeks of selling bad quality batteries, with bad cell matching/balancing
and very little understanding of how they actually work
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