Elderly woman assaulted in farm attack


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Nov 29, 2012
Most of them just include murder or assault with GBH actually if you actually looked at the stats. And is a farm attack the same as a home invasion? I think of suburbs and built up areas when I think of home invasions.
The authorities and police deliberately exclude "Farm murders" from the statistical data and lump it with maybe even common assault. But you know that you are just as normal obtuse.

Here is a link where another assault happened


Just like this old woman was tortured because she was "Rambo" this family was also trying to act "Rambo" therefore the assault. This family was the lucky ones and the old lady the unlucky one I presume in your "Mind". :sick:

Lets see how eloquently Fudzy put it again

I know people who have been hurt in robberies but most of them have not. I'm not arguing that it doesn't happen and it certainly more likely to happen in here than in the UK but as long as you keep your cool and don't go John Rambo the majority of times people come out unscathed, shaken up but physically okay.
Yep these two threads of violence against the victims of crime today was due to the victims acting John Rambo that's very very clear.