Election results: South African May 2024

If DA/ANC happens who will MK align with in KZN, EFF do not have the numbers

Screenshot 2024-06-01 091250.jpg
Many DA members would be pragmatic about the choice presented currently, but there will be many who will cry from the roof tops about betrayal.

I've even seen DA members having full on meltdowns in the last 2 days that the DA didn't outright win the elections, and how could anything else have happened.
And you didn't record?
Got the top 3 from a party observer for the vd.

2011 total top 3 vs declared total votes fpr all parties of 1098. Big differance.
Given with what is on the table, a DA-ANC coalition is the best alternative. Make no mistake, no potential coalition will be fun nor will they be productive, but an ANC-EFF or ANC-MK coalition spells doomsday.
With NHI and BIG on the cards, do you think they will join forces with the former oppressor?