Electricity is now 177% more expensive than 10 years ago – but water is up far more than that


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Dec 24, 2014
  • In the past decade, administered prices have increased enormously more than general inflation, the Reserve Bank told Parliament.
  • Electricity prices are up 177% over the past 10 years, while municipal rates and taxes have increased by 118%.
  • That compares to headline CPI of 68%.
  • But the stand-out price increase is in water, which now costs 213% more than at the beginning of 2010.
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But when the youth complains about prices they are told if they factor in inflation they are paying the same as what their parents paid.
All 3 of those items need to be capped and have zero increases for about 5 - 10 years now, so that they are brought in line with CPI rate again.

(I know this is pie in the sky and will never ever happen because Profit but hey)
CPI is not the ultimate measure of prices and costs, it is one single measure based on a basket of communities. Some things such as electronics are cheaper than a decade ago. It excludes many items which have increased in cost, such as property prices, and personal care and medical expenses.

We know that electricity and other administrative costs were significantly under representative. IMO the whole comparison is something of a distraction.