Electricity price pain in SA

Bradley Prior

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Oct 16, 2018
Electricity price pain in SA
South Africans will pay over five times more for electricity in 2025 than in 2010, as Eskom has implemented multiple above-inflation increases in its electricity tariff while its performance has declined. [Daily Investor]
Someone has to pay for the cANCer supporters, the cadres, the BEE appointees and the tenderpreneurs.
Bought R1500 a few days ago. Got 521kwh. I don't know how poorer households cope.
Mmmm who would have thought this would happen. Let's put idiots and thieves in charge coupled with the most useless government to oversee everything. I just never saw it coming.
My solar system produces around R2100 worth of electricity. No loadshedding and no price increase. It only gets beter.
But hey! Lekker old fossil fuels are cheap! Let's bite the wheel of the moving bakkie for another 20 years! Viva cANCer, Viva! /s