Elon Musk Says Tesla May Have ‘Optimus’ Robot Prototype Within Months

Take your time Elon. When the uprising starts, I'll be ready.
"Tesla Inc. may have a functioning humanoid robot up and running within months"

Up and Running?

Or just up and mybe walking?
"Musk envisions will be able to perform mundane tasks like grocery shopping"

Checkers 60 is imho a way, way better concept than a humanoid robot that can do your shopping for you...
Haxors releasing an DIY upgrade to feminine-looking android giving it genitals and having it perform sex acts in 3..2..1..

It'll be like learning to make Fleshlights out of Pringles cans on Youtube all over again..
if the robot is used to clean up Nuclear waste or go inside Fukushima or Chernobyl and do things, cool

otherwise, how long before people set them on fire, or run them over with a car, because they are taking away their job.