End of the road for Ubuntu Tweak


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Mar 24, 2004
It is a short announcement, so I'll just repost it all here:
Popular Ubuntu configuration utility Ubuntu Tweak has officially ended support for its long-running project today. Ubuntu Tweak has been a mainstay application on newbie machines since the days of Dapper Drake, and between then and now has gain a lot of respect within the community regardless of being merely a front-end for already trivial tasks.

The announcement is bleak and cryptic, so the real details of the project’s end is up for open interpretation. From the post:

"You may ask why I made this decision to stop the development of Ubuntu Tweak, I may write 10,000 words to describe how I start this project, how I feel happy from this project, how I feel bad from this project…But I just want to say: If making free software is not free any more, why still doing this?"

You can read the rest here: