Epic Xiaomi competition - Win a Xiaomi AX3000 Mesh system

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Xiaomi AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 (1-pack) for me. I don't even know why I need this lol but Specs are great on this product didn't expect anything less from xiaomi, speeds of
2402 Mbps 5GHz dawm!
I'd be happy to win the 2 pack mesh systems because I'd finally pick up my own wifi in my bedroom, and not just the neighbors
2 Pack Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 needed to cover the area, due to the shape of my house.
Honestly been eyeing this Xioami Mesh system for a while. the Xiaomi AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 (2-Pack) would be literally perfect as I have been looking for a Wifi 6 Router Mesh system that would not only be an upgrade to our current router but also solve the connectivity issues we experience upstairs.

We are renting and thus, unfortunately, are unable to route Ethernet Cable through to the upstairs, I have tried Powerline adapters, extenders and been through a plethora of routers and we still struggle with connectivity and signal. The only thing left that seems it will do the job is a mesh system.

This Xiaomi mesh system would be perfect to finally have great and uninterrupted coverage with no congestion, no weak spots or dropping connectivity, allowing myself and my partner to connect seamlessly from upstairs for work and gaming sessions into our evenings evenings
2Pack please
Because of its 256MB of Memory,
Easy Configuration & Management.
2 pack for me, cause then I can walk around the house and not have the WiFi drop or those teams calls been looking at different mesh networks and these are standing out as a winner for me.
The Xiaomi AX3000 Mesh System 2 Pack combines into a mesh network that provides Wi-Fi 6 coverage throughout the home, covering up to 4,000 square feet of space, to fill the gap at the flatlet.
2 pack would be fantastic cause for some reason the walls in my apartment aren’t great for wifi signals especially on a two floor apartment. Would really help instead of connecting to multiple routers all over the house
I take the 1 pack as im a heavy gamer and sick of the high ping and lag this will help me alot finger cross
2-pack Xiaomi AX3000 Wi-Fi Mesh system would be great.

Staying in a 272m^2 house on a 1000m^2 erf, which should test its rated coverage (4,000 square feet of space). Also I missed the review competition and would like to tinker with these things lol.
I'd opt for the 2 pack most definitely!

Having only 1 would not do it justice as there is a flatlet as well on our premises for my folks and they would need coverage as well.
I would love either option, the Xiaomi AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 (1-pack) should do the job, but the (2-pack) would be great in terms of WiFi coverage.

I am a big fan of the Xiaomi brand, great specs, features and build quality.

I Love the fact that you can control the bandwidth with the App on your phone.

Either way, 1 or 2 pack would be a great prize...:) Looks good too, love the product design...

I love that the Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 2 pack could combine into a mesh network that provides Wi-Fi 6 coverage throughout my home. It can covering up to 4,000 square feet of space witch is ideal since my place is rather large. This would be a great starting point since I would love to turn my home into a smart home.
The 2 pack for me as it will cover the rest of the house that has a lot of walls which interferes with the signal, thus will also help with covering the Lapa.
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