Ernie “Lastig” Solomon, former 28's gang leader, shot dead


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
Meet the men who helped save baby shot in gang hit, exchanging gunfire with shooters

“Help, please help!” The soft plea came from a man with multiple gunshot wounds in the passenger seat of a car riddled with bullets. He was covered in blood and holding onto a crying baby, who had been shot too.

The driver of the white BMW lay dead, while a woman in the back seat was injured.

This is how two security guards, who were first to respond, described the crime scene of the hit on Cape Town gang boss Ernest “Ernie Lastig” Solomon, who was assassinated in Boksburg on the East Rand last week Friday.

Euon Brouers from Graphite Security said he could vividly recall the screams of the one-year-old child who had been wounded in the shooting.

“She was crying like she was in pain. She had a gunshot wound to her stomach and her leg,” Brouers told TimesLIVE on Thursday.

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