Eskom announces Stage 4 load-shedding from 12:00 on Wednesday to 05:00 on Friday


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Jun 1, 2016
So gated communities could make it a "free" service and push the price up for something else. Not the nicest way, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
We tried this in an industrial park/complex. The issue seems when you start to run cables across property lines/boundaries. That is when NERSA has a hissie fit. Because then you are not just generating but also distributing power. From what I understand these are 2 separate issues/licences . A shopping mall for instance is on one property, so does not have this problem.


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Apr 25, 2006
The generator is on, music is pumping and the wife is blow drying a clients hair.

About to make supper with the air fryer and microwave.

If you are considering getting a generator, go 5Kva for residential use as you will be so grateful that it can handle anything you throw it, even a 12BTU aircon. Petrol is around 2-3L per hour for us but we only use it for work so it pays for itself. (Wife runs her hair salon from our property).

Generator reports it has done 67 hours since we bought it in March 2019. That is 67 business interrupting hours.
Got my 900w running now, it's more fuel efficient then my 2.8.
The 2.8 has done about 35 hours and the 900w probably about 25 hours or so. The 2.8 was used by my sons dojo last year when they had a massive outage.


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Feb 22, 2005
We are supposed to be shedded from 18H00 to 20h30.

Power only went out at 18H20.

It now came back on again.

This useless ANC infested metro cannot even get load shedding right.


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Jan 31, 2020
Power came back on early... 1.5hrs early.
The system isn't perfect. They've, for instance, forgotten to loadshed us, at least once. Usually the power is on 30 mins early, but not today, today it was on late, 10 minutes past