Eskom announces the arrest of a truck driver who allegedly sold coal destined for Arnot Power Station

Hmmm, one truck driver "arrested". Making a dent in the skulduggery related to coal supply to ANC Eskom; unlikely.
If only there was an efficient way to get massive amounts of coal to a power station, like on rails or something.
The crooks will find a way to sabotage the trains

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And then what happens to the cadres when all the trucking companies they are invested in lose the contracts to move coal? How are they supposed to survive in this economy?

Don't they earn a monthly salary?
If only there was an efficient way to get massive amounts of coal to a power station, like on rails or something.
Its like the rail line you can see on google maps is some kind of optical illusion:
Not likely part of the problem, they are the problem.

These are companies that are created (in many ways) purely to truck coal to the power stations, and the owners skim a few loads off to the illegal yards to make extra cash.
Lekker BEE, AA and Transformation.
The lines may exist, but you require the thing to run on them, we used to have them back in the day, ran from port to cities and further, carrying people, goods and more.

Still operational.

Except the only thing that runs on those lines is the Gravy Express.
R6k each time, if this has been going on for years then this guy coined it.
I expect, considering the type of "companies" truckers like this work for - A better name for them would be "mules", and most of their "earnings" would be in such deals.

There have been no consequence for a long time though. Long enough for large cartels to spring up, and so they have very likely been coining it yes. Personally I want to see the work to bring them to justice continue - And the big fish taken on. So if this type of news dries up, or even if it just keeps being the truckers apprehended, and not the kingpins - Then I will only be able to assume it's business as usual, with a few scapegoats. Their fate is hardly ever known in any case. The ANC tends to release thousands of jailed criminals every few years anyway - One might speculate why exactly, and it's not hard to make fairly good guesses. The only ones you ever hear about in this case are the big fish. Too [in]famous for it not to be noted. Shaik Shabir was released suspiciously. Zuma was released suspiciously. But I would not be surprised if they tend to include copper and coal thieves.