Eskom arrests corrupt employees at Tutuka power station


Jul 29, 2021
Eskom employees steal spares worth hundreds of millions at Tutuka power station

Two Eskom employees and a supplier were arrested and charged with fraud, theft, and corruption related to the disappearance of spares at Tutuka power station valued at hundreds of millions of rand.

Eskom said that the two Eskom employees appeared in the Standerton Magistrates Court on Friday. A supplier who is also a suspect in the case was arrested that same day.
Nope, doesn’t sound right.
The real article and the real players will be revealed soon
Cant we just de-couple generation from transmission and get the private sector to sort this out like they did with telecommunications ?
Meanwhile eSkommel keeps on demanding rate hikes.

The fastest way to stop corruption is to control the flow of money which clearly eSkommel is failing at doing, case in point being that R100m per month spent on the same thing at the same power station. How does R100m per month not raise red flags and get stopped immediately?

Commenting on why corruption is still happening under his watch, De Ruyter said one man could not clean up the company.

“If you look at the 42,000 employees that we’ve got and you look at the patronage networks that exist, it is impossible for an individual, no matter how good, to fix Eskom,” he said.
The solution to that is to have a team of people specifically tasked with hunting down and killing corruption in all its forms, surely De Ruyter must have such a team of people by now.
At least culprits are being brought to book.
This needs to continue as there are surely thousands more incidents like these.
The solution to that is to have a team of people specifically tasked with hunting down and killing corruption in all its forms, surely De Ruyter must have such a team of people by now.

The problem is probably the beneficiaries having political connections, when they get caught by the specialized team they simply lean on someone in a much higher position who in turn can overrule, generalised as [anc] political interference. Not even taking into account how quickly it can become strenuous to fire someone when the unions and complete due process of the labour law with ccma gets involved.
100mil a month for how many years? Tip of the iceberg. I expect we'll be getting tariff reductions now that you found one of the looters and have an extra 100m a month now which we've had to cover through massive annual increases yes? We are getting a tariff reduction right?
R100 mil diesel a month??!!! Ffs.
A quick calculation reveals:
100 mil / R15lt = 6,666mil litres of diesel
6,666 mil lt of diesel / 25,000lt per tanker = 266 tankers
266 tankers / 30 days = 8 tankers per day (one every 3 hours)

Considering how long it takes to fill up one tanker (no idea), someone must be invoicing and delivering elsewhere.

This is NOT the work of just a few employees.
R100 mil diesel a month??!!! Ffs.
Even more disgusting when you consider that Eskom employees' average salaries are at R737,000 per annum. I'll bet that these slimy fsckrs earn way more than that.
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Shame, poor guys... what are they going to do now?
R5000 bail for people that stole millions. Awesome
The purpose of bail is to ensure that they will be present at their court appearance. Knowing these spendthrift Zuma types, they would pull 100 million through their backsides very quickly with absolutely nothing to show for it, they have no financial acumen or sense (despite having university degrees and diplomas). Easy come, easy go, the chances that they have squirreled away billions for a rainy day are very slim. The magistrate would also take into account their family relationships and other "soft" circumstances, like a fixed residence, and length of service. So R5000 may actually be OK. Let's see if they appear in February.
With R100m stolen per month, no wonder Tutuka is the 2nd worst performing power station in Eskom's fleet with only 34.34% availability.