Eskom deepens South Africa power cuts as Moody's flags risk

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Oct 16, 2018
Eskom deepens South Africa power cuts as Moody's flags risk

South Africa’s debt-laden power utility raced to stabilize the grid by resorting to the most intense supply cuts in four years while Moody’s Investors Service warned a plan to fix it fell short.

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. is implementing so-called stage 4 rotational power cuts from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. local time. [Bloomberg]

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Feb 14, 2017
The remedies would entail “unpopular decisions” on electricity tariffs, it said.
And there we have it, folks. The ANC will give in to Eskom and allow the price hikes requested. Anything and everything other than cutting staff. The easiest way out and it allows them to kick the issue down the road for someone else to worry about. It's very clear that the government will try to delay things as much as possible until too late, and we're another failed state.

There's no political will to fix what's wrong - regardless that they all know what needs to be done.


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Apr 20, 2005
Medupi units drowning in ash as contractor forced to withdraw
The five power generation units at Eskom’s troubled new Medupi power station that have been operational are drowning in ash after Clyde Bergemann Africa (CBZ), which was contracted to supply and construct the dust handling units, withdrew its staff from the power station.

CBZ managing director Jeremy Kirsch confirmed to Moneyweb on Monday that the business was placed in business rescue last week, days after he spoke out about what he described as Eskom’s failure to operate the plant at the completed units properly.

CBZ has long-term maintenance contracts on eight other Eskom power stations, Kirsch told Moneyweb. CBZ staff are still on site at those power stations, he said.

EE Publishers managing editor Chris Yelland however reported last week that these workers are “on tenterhooks” and could down tools at any time.

As far as Moneyweb could establish at least four of the five operational units at Medupi were working on Monday, although at least one of these was said to be operating at only half the expected output.

Ash ‘abrasive, enormously damaging’