Eskom extends stage 2 evening load-shedding until midnight on Thursday, then stage 1 from Friday at 16:00

Electricity is too cheap? De ryuter are fkn for real ,you pay 7 mil per year buy more generators ,you dnt need that kind of salary ,all goverment this huge salarys but pple are starving ,how does that make sense south africa.omw
That fart detector inside the volvo is going to critical levels! Best to go phone George to help...

Over the past year. What's been their average MW offline due to breakdowns? I don't think I've ever seen that dip below 12k.
Well if he says 18 months we can double or quadruple that number.

Oh and here's the first warning of continuous stage 2:
Still, it may be necessary for the utility to take a “bold step” and implement so-called Stage 2 load-shedding – in which 2 000 megawatts are cut from the national grid – for a lengthy period to enable Eskom to carry out necessary maintenance, he said.