Eskom hatches deal with PetroSA for diesel until March 2023


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May 24, 2010
Eskom asks for R19.5-billion diesel bailout

South Africa’s cash-strapped power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. has asked the National Treasury for 19.5 billion rand ($1.1 billion) to buy diesel to fuel auxiliary power plants, a request that’s unlikely to be heeded, said Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana.

“We don’t have it,” Godongwana said in an interview at Bloomberg’s office in Johannesburg.

about a 160k if you look at only a 120 000 solar system
That's if the prices stay the same IF gov subsidise solar. We all know that greedy suppliers will up the prices as soon as there is subsidies. Happened with solar geysers.
They should take a benchmark price and set it as standard or introduce price control IF subsidies are planned.
How many houses can get solar for R19.5 billion?
It is not about what the customer need is or want, it is about keeping the power grid centralized and pumping money. They don't give a fck if we live of die as long as they can keep this sht show going they will keep it going and burning money seems to be the new Eskom strategy.
These turbines were meant to run on natural gas.
But because of the usual waffling and ineptitude, the stakeholders pulled out, and the gas from the plants are going to other countries.
This is currently the most economical and environmentally friendly form of power production, and SA should have been there a decade ago.
How many houses can get solar for R19.5 billion?

The problem is not how many houses can get solar. The only question should be, how many of those houses can afford to replace a R20k-R30k-R40k battery, a R30k-R40k-R50k inverter, a R2k-R3k-R4k solar panel when needed to in order to ensure the system keeps working without interruptions. Who will be footing that continuous bill in the event it is needed?
How many houses can get solar for R19.5 billion?
Way fewer than you'd think.
Assuming Statista is accurate there are around 17 million households in SA. (I know households aren't houses but it's Saturday and I'm too lazy to try and find that out the actual figure.)
Ignoring markup for corruption, if a system costs 160k, it would still cost 1.3 trillion to install solar in only half of that. And there's still half plus business and factories etc left.
I'm assuming they are cutting out a whole bunch of RET middlemen by going direct to petrosa? Something that should have been the case from the beginning.
So what special price is Eskom buying deisel at? Are they buying direct from PetroSA or some BEEEEEEE fukkups at 13 times the price because to them it's a deal, it's a steal it's the bargain of the fukking century