Eskom hits stage 6 load-shedding without notice

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
Eskom hits stage 6 load-shedding without notice

Eskom increased load-shedding from stage 5 to stage 6 early Sunday morning without prior notification to the public after two more generation units tripped overnight.

The power utility published a tweet at 04:42 on Sunday, 18 September 2022, confirming that stage 6 had been implemented at about 04:16 AM, 26 minutes earlier.
Welldone SA, Stage5 Boss was a surprise and you beat him in under 24 hours, but wait, I have more challenge! Stage6 Boss incoming! - Eskom
Just as I can read Stage 4 they make it Stage 5, have not yet even mastered that one, and now they throw Stage 6 at us. Is this some sort of Phd test?