Eskom load-shedding excuses unacceptable – expert

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Experts should know by now that the only experts in this country is an ANC official. The rest is just a bunch of twats even if they have study 5 years and have 20 years experience mean fokall in the eye of an ANC expert!
Problem is you can not tell people what to do with the little power they have in the day.
With such a ham-fisted photo, I couldn't bring myself to read what this guy said. He is trying way too hard to look smart.
How much is the spike when people recharge their dildos? I'm sure that also causes loadshedding....
Well, if they cannot provide electricity or generate enough electricity, then they can't. Irrelevant of their excuses. The whole country is sitting in the dark. No production can be done and no business can function indefinitely with it. So, it is game over for the country.
wet coal is unacceptable, eskom stealing is unacceptable,
does this dude think he is a genius or something?