Eskom produces less electricity now than in 2010, but it costs 3-times more to make

Jamie McKane

MyBroadband Journalist
Mar 2, 2016
Only in South African can load shedding get worse, not better, with time.

The power plants are literally falling apart because of the poor maintenance, and the brand new power plants already need expensive maintenance because they were so badly designed by the BEE contractors. All this while Eskom spends triple the amount of money on energy production, including about double on salaries.

And yet Ramaphosa tells us we need more BEE to save the country.
We will look back at the Cyril era the same way. This po£s has done nothing for this country.
Oh he would be shocked to hear that, absolutely shocked. You can't say he's done nothing. He's had the worst load shedding, the lowest gdp, the pandemic, the lowest growth and you say he's done nothing... I mean look at all that nothing.
Cost will prevent this.

I just dropped R120k and not even remotely off the grid.

Hopefully prices can come down a bit more in future.
Problem is that people like you and me means less money for Eskom to subsidise those not paying.

Every solar panel added to business and home solar systems equates to less money for Eskom.

My setup is R230k and I'm 15% away from being completely off grid. Another R40k should get me there. The monthly savings in not paying for electricity is being put away for future upgrades. At the current rate of saving R3.5k per month I should be there by the end of this year.