Eskom set for another R20 billion loss

Stop. Allowing. Freeloaders.

Privatize to optimize.

Even the Chinese realized that was what they needed to do for their grid :cautious:
Nyati explained that the utility’s board has spent the past 18 months understanding the systemic issues facing Eskom.

Genius, didn't the German audit bunch do the same in three?

Seriously, it took the board a year and a half to work this out? WTF are these dudes and dudettes being paid for?
Not sure if this is another attempt at an April Fools joke or if this is yet another good story to tell

Minister can see light at end of load shedding tunnel - DFA
Eskom will never be a profitable company. Their fake profit will only be due to taxpayers picking up most of the debt and debt costs. So it is a con to say they will be profitable, when R25bn in interest a year will be paid by tax instead of Eskom tariffs.