Eskom wants to build another big power station

Barbarian Conan

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Aug 8, 2017
Could they perhaps finish what that start first? I mean you've got two massive white elephants you've wasted billions on that were supposed to go live 6 years ago?
Notwithstanding their inability to finish a project on time and on budget, I think starting the feasibility study phase now is already too late. We need more power, and many of the existing plants are close to the end of their lives.


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Jul 5, 2009
Don't forget to add an extra 0 at the end of your final cost
Most of the gas turbine peaking-power plants such as Ankerlig, use known technology and were brought online at budget and on-schedule. They were 'turnkey' projects, where the contractor is paid a fixed price, and all the operator has to do is train and start up the machinery. See:

This is very different from Medupi and Kusile, where there was no single lead-contractor, no overview of design requirements, and no limits on budget or consequences for missed timetables.


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Jun 23, 2008
Thank goodness it is gas at least.

Drove through the Mpumalanga recently. The particulate pollution from the power stations there is f__king ridiculous. They are not running those stations the way they used to. There never used to be literal banks of smog you drove though.