Eskom warns of “catastrophic consequences” in battle with Oracle

Only tossers happy about this clusterfck are scumbag lawyers. There is probabably firms full of these tossers circle jerking whenever "appeal" is mentioned.
Not sure who is Eskom warning here... its their own internal governance and audit processes that failed to identify this risk. Blaming Oracle is just deflecting from their own internal people.
South africa will build its own oracle "with blackjack and hookers"

I don't know

You could always just

You know

Pay them?

Yes like black people voting for Zuma, and like you supporting corruption. That`s why I have no sympathy for these workers. Its all 1 big happy socialist family. When it comes crashing down they still love their masters and blames something else. You must be so proud.
Who asked for your sympathy A55h0le?