Eskom warns of continuous stage 8 load-shedding and 30% price hikes if forced to comply with pollution limits

This lady is full of kak, what about Medupi? Will Eskom decommission that within the next 10 to 15 years? Eskom has literally only made effort to apply to pollute, none to mitigate pollution for 11 years.

Stage 8? Does she not know maths? According to your calculation, it's 16, so yes, I'm gonna threaten you, but let me do it in an "acceptable" way.
Stage 8 and 30% price hikes you say?

That would be more than enough pressure for large scale renewable adoption at the residential and even corporate level of the country.
So my area just had 4 hour power cut between 5am - 9am due to "load reduction" and apparently the power is going to be cut 5pm -9pm tonight.

Curiously timing no
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Where do you even start with these people. These statements are just insane.